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Welcome Parents and Guardians to the Pre-K 209 Page!

This year we will be working on learning new topics and studying a range of themes including: trees, clothing, boxes, homes, and neighborhoods. Your children will have the opportunity to play in centers and integrate what they have learned in these centers.

We are excited for what this year will bring and watch every child grow and learn!

A few reminders:
* Please check your child's folder everyday for important forms or announcements.
* Sheets will be sent home to be washed every Friday and must be returned every Monday.
* Please send in a healthy snack for your child each day.

Recent Posts

Family Photos

Please send in any family photos for your child to share with our class! Thanks! 

Holidays and Traditions

This month we will be studying Holidays and Traditions. If your family celebrates a particular holiday or you have a special family tradition you are willing to share with our class please email myself and Mrs. Ingram to come in. 


Hi! I would like to welcome everyone to my teacher web page. On this page you can get some basic information and updates if you subscribe. If you ever have any questions from what you see here or on anything that is sent home please feel free to e-mail me at dperdomo@weehawken.k12.nj.us. I look forward to meeting everyone and working collaboratively with parents this year! 

Family and Culture Month

We began family and culture month this year and I am very excited that we will have a few parents coming in to share about your home culture and family background. Please return the sheet with any preferred date and time as well as type of activity you would like to do! I look forward to learning more about each student's background! 

Thank You!

Pre-K 200 would like to thank Officers Sergio and Danny and members of the Weehwken Police Department for coming to speak to our class about stranger danger. We will continue to go over the 4 steps at school and at home if we encounter a "bad stranger": 1. Say No! 2. Run! 3. Yell for help. 4. Tell a safe stranger what happened.