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Michael Finizio » Dear Parents

Dear Parents

This school year will be a fun and exciting time for your children in Physical Education Class. We will be doing numerous activities throughout the year including cooperative games, thinking and listening games, creative games, physical fitness and much more. For this year to be successful, there are expectations I have for the parents and students.
Parents should make sure that their child wears sneakers on the day(s) of gym class. If the weather calls for your child to wear different shoes on the day of class, please have your child bring their sneakers in a separate bag or backpack to school. Students who do not have sneakers on gym days will not be able to participate. Parents should also encourage their children to learn how to tie their sneakers so class goes smoothly and without interruption.
Students are expected to participate in each class unless there is a written reason why they can't participate. I expect students to show sportsmanship, conduct themselves in a safe and proper manner and be prepared for class (sneakers). Students in Grades 1 and 2 are evaluated on those standards but I expect the same from the Pre-K and Kindergarten.
If the expectations are met, this year will be a very enjoyable year for your child. I appreciate he cooperation and look forward to working with your children and keeping them physically fit.