Daniel Webster School

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Pre-k 112

We just finished our theme on farm animals, and saw eggs hatch, baby chicks, and we milked a cow (sort of).  We also watched our school trout grow, and they were released last week into the wild.
Now, our butterflies have appeared out of their chrysalis.
We have learned recognition and sounds of letters Aa - Xx. 
We are underway on our BUILDINGS Study, learning about what is inside buildings and homes, what we need in our own home (if we were shopping for one), different shapes of interesting buildings around the world. We are excited for our bus trip around Weehawken to look at our hometown buildings!
Last week we made white whales, displayed on our bulletin board of waves.
We are reading color words, and some sight words. 
Our class is a fantastic group!
Feel free to email me anytime @ iepstein@weehawken.k12.nj.us.