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Dear parents,
My name is Elvira Chernov. I am an ESL teacher in DWS.
I want to tell you about English as a second language (ESL) program.
It is a very important program for every student in our school for whom English is not a native language.
In order to be enrolled in the ESL program every child must take a special test
to determine the level of English language proficiency for the right placement in the one of
following level groups: Entering ,Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.
The kids are pulled out from the regular classes every day for 30 minutes.
The instruction is provided in a small group, not more than 6 kids.
Every child has a special folder with the copybook inside.It comes home with the kids every day so the parents can see what the child did in the classroom. ESL students don't have any written homework, but every student has to review their vocabulary words and to read
the books they will get in their ESL class.
The parents should encourage their children to read the books, describe the pictures, and
answer the questions. Read with the child at least 15-20 minutes a day.
Parents must pay attention to the teacher's comments and sign them every time.
If any question, concern,or a problem arises, write the teacher a note,or send an e-mail.
Let's work as a team to help your child to become a successful learner!

Recent Posts

DRA Testing

Dear Parents,
Today our ESL students started the Last DRA Test for this school year.
I hope they will be able to do as good job, as they did during our ACCESS for ELLs Test which was over on March 13.
Thank you all for your support and great help at home!

ACCESS for ELLs Test

Dear Parents,
It is time for your children to participate in a mandatory annual testing.
ACCESS for ELLs is a test for all of our ESL students. It will measure the English Language Proficiency of every child and their ability to Listen, Read, Speak, and Write in English.  It will also help to decide if the student is ready to exit the ESL Program, or will continue to receive this services.
Please be aware to help your child to go to bed at the appropriate time to come to school full of energy and readiness to do their best during the testing time.
Thank you all for your support and consideration! We will keep on working together as a great team!

Our Success in IXL Practice

Dear parents,
I just want to inform you that our children are very much involved in IXL practice, and they  got another Certificate of Achievement for  outstanding completion of 2,000 Language Art Questions.
It is a great way to prepare our students for the ACCESS for ELLs test which all the ESL students will take soon.
Thank you so much for all your help and support!

Dear Parents,
I want to inform you that all our ELL students took part in our school's DRA Test and most of them increased their Reading Levels  up to 2 levels. Some of them even "jumped" 4 levels ahead of their previous results.
Thank you so much for your great help at home!
let's keep on working as a team for a future success of our children!

Dear Family of all of our ELL Students,
Happy Thanksgiving Day !
Enjoy your family feast, your cultural traditions, your getting together on this beautiful day!
Have a lot of fun!
E. Chernov, ESL teacher

Dear Friends,
Today is our big event: Back to School Night for all of my ELL students' parents.
I hope that everybody got my Reminder about when and where we'll meet together to discuss our future work with our children, to learn about the new program: "Reach" for levels A, B, and C,  and to have a chance to ask me any questions about our ESL Program. I will be happy if you'll share with me your concerns and  expectations about your children' s performance in their ESL class.
I will be glad to help you in any possible way to become a great member of our team for the future success of every child .
 With my great respect to you,
E. Chernov
ESL teacher, DWS.

Have A Great Summer!

 Dear ELL students and the parents,
Our ESL classes are over now. The children will get their ESL Report Cards together with their regular classroom  Report Cards.
I hope the ACCESS for ELLs test results will come soon, and you'll be able to see the progress of your child.
I wish every family to have a great and safe summer, stay happy and healthy, and come back in September for a new  beautiful school year!
With all my love and the best wishes.
Mrs. Chernov

The ACCESS for ELLs Test Is Over.

Dear Parents of my ESL students,
Let me inform you that the Test is over!!! We just managed to finish it on time.
Thank you so much for your every day support and encouragement of our children to do their best during the testing time and don't be nervous or be afraid of it.
Have a great Spring Break!
Enjoy the time with your kids! I wish you much fun together and a very nice spring weather!

1-st and 2-nd Gr. ACCESS for ELLS Test

Dear Parents,
It is time for your kids to take the ACCESS for ELLs test again. It is a very long test: the students will check their skijjs for Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. We started it already. Your children all are doing their best. They use the I-pads or Chrome books to do this test, and believe me they know how to use this new technological tools.
Please be sure your kids go to bed on time to be active and full of energy for the next day test.
Thank you so much for your cooperation and a great help!

Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs Test

Dear Parents,
Soon your kids will have their first ACCESS for ELLs Test.
You'll find in their folders the letter with the detailed explanation what is the purpose of this test, why does the child take it ,and how are the test scores will be used.
I hope you will encourage your child to do their best and don't be nervous at all!
Everything will be taken care of.I'll try to make every child feel comfortable during the test and have fun.
Thank you for cooperation and help at home!

Happy New 2017 Year!

Dear parents,
The year 2016 will be over in ten days... Time flies, and we'll meet the new 2017 year pretty soon.
I wish you and your families to stay healthy and happy and enjoy every day of the new year. We will have to do so much together to help our kids to become even more smarter, more independent and more diligent. I know we'll do very well if we all put our mutual efforts for helping them to succeed.
Let's work as a great team, and let all our dreams and expectations come true!

Back To School Night.

Thank you all the parents of our ELL students who found the time and desire to come to DWS to talk about  new challenges, hopes, and expectations for the new 2016-2017 school year.
Thank you for the interesting questions you asked me, for your real concern about the progress of your kids, and for your desire to work as a great team for the benefit of our children.

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!
I hope it will be another great year bringing new achievements in your kids' learning.
Your children will be pulled out from their regular classes every day from Monday to Friday for 30 minutes to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. ELL students won't have any homework, but you should help them to review their reading words every day (orally) for 10-15 minutes.
Your children like to read books; therefore , try to read to them as much as you'd be able and ask them some questions about the book you read together.
It will help a lot to develop a great vocabulary for your child.
I believe we'll be still working as a great team for the benefits of our kids.
Good luck and the best wishes!
E. Chernov, ESL teacher.

Dear Parents,
I'd like to inform you that it's a time for the Benchmark testing for our ESL Kindergarteners.
You were so supportive during our ACCESS for ELLs Test, and I hope you will keep on encourage and support your kids to do their best during this test.
Please, review all the reading words with your kids every day. Believe me, 10 minutes a day can make a big difference!
Good luck!
Thank you for your cooperation!

Dear Parents!
Today, on March 14, all our 1-st and 2-nd  ELL students will begin the new ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Test on-line.  They will take Listening, Reading, and Speaking tests, and then they will be taking the Writing Test on paper.
We practiced, and our kids know how to work on I-pads.
Wish them good luck!