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Ms. Artiles

Hello, my name is Lourdes Artiles. I have been a special education teacher for over 25 years. This will be my first year as a co-teacher in an inclusion classroom. I am excited and look forward to a new and exciting school year. I expect that it will be different at first but I know that it will be beneficial for all involved. My goal as an educator is that all students will be able to learn and grow in a conducive environment . Which means that there is a positive and enthusiastic attitutude in the classroom. I have discovered though the years  that this is essential for students growth.


Recent Posts

Presidents Project

Presidents Day is here soon and we are working on a Presidents project. Students will choose a president from either the past or our current President. Students will write about them and dress up like  that president. They will present the report in front of the class.

Student List


1 Francesca Maccio-Sienna

2 Saya Holbrooke

3 Christina Galindo

4 Ela Buergermeister

5 Breyanna Lopez-Palma

6 Summer Diaz

7 Julia Bankey

8 Liz Delgado-Batista

9 Nina Brunetti

10 Natalie Rodriguez

11 Jokley Garcia-Cedeno

12 Alexander Acevedo

13 Alfredo Seeley

14 Nicholas DiMattia

15 Alexander Elgawly

16 Alexander Nelson

17 Bryan Tito

18 Brayden Polanco

19 Xavier Cuatianquiz

20 Darshan Sitapara