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Enrichment Program


Spring Enrichment Registration will begin on Tuesday, February 25th thru Monday, March 16th.

Each spring and fall, the PTA assembles local vendors specializing in children’s entertainment and learning to offer after-school enrichment courses. This spring we are proud to offer some of our most popular courses. This popular program is run entirely by volunteers. We move children from their homerooms to the enrichment course (located within DWS), give them a peanut-free snack and water (usually pretzels or goldfish) and then release them at the end of the session either to their pickup person or to Extended Care.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please ensure you read all enclosed information and complete the enrollment accurately, with the accompanying payment. We encourage going to https://dws.memberhub.store to register and make your payment. (If you complete an online application you do not need to return a paper form). Only a complete, accurate enrollment form with payment can be accepted. Class sizes are limited and fill up quickly.  There is one way to guarantee your slot and save 50%: commit to volunteering. Please consider giving your time to this program. The commitment is from 2:15 to 4:00 on the dates noted below.

Offerings and Selections:

Mondays: 3/23, 3/30, 4/6, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18

Class Offerings:

Yoga Workshop: Offered to Grades PreK - 2nd (class limit 16)

The Yoga Workshop for young students follows age old traditions such as meditation and poses but it is also a lot of fun! Incorporating different styles and poses with games and music, the focus is on taking the lessons learned "on the mat" and using them in the real world: remaining calm, present, breathing and full of spirit!  Your child will receive their own Yoga Mat that will be stored at the school to be used for every class, their name will be written on the mat so they will be no sharing mats.


Art I, Just Dreamy: Offered to Grades PreK-K (class limit 20)

Dream up your best artwork in this giant, glowing, mythical, magical art adventure!  Learn about Irish folklore, Native American stories, and Guatemalan culture while creating dreamy creatures, unique dream catchers, and thinking about sweet dreams at night.  Be inspired by American illustrator N.C. Wyeth to daydream in the clouds and Martin Luther King, Jr. to dream of changing the world. Explore every kind of dream you can imagine!  Learn, dream, and create by: Experiencing a wide variety of sensory experiences and textures. Practicing preschool math skills and patterns. Painting, printing, cutting, and more.

Art II, Kids on Canvas; Artventure Through Time: Offered to Grades 1st-2nd (class limit 20)

Our art adventure begins a long time ago in a dark cave with art all around us.  Get your hands dirty discovering how prehistoric artists painted stone walls and engraved eggshells.  Explore royal ancient Egyptian art, Chinese storytelling scrolls, and island frescoes while learning about shapes, lines, and patterns.  Study a still life, play hide-and-seek in a painted jungle, and swirl paint while experiencing texture, learning about animals, portraits, and printmaking.  Learn from artists that span the centuries and the world, including German Renaissance master Lucas Cranach the Elder, French painting pioneer Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, beloved Dutch genius Vincent Van Gogh, Brazilian visionary Lasar Segall, and Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich.  Explore your sense of wonder in this Artventure Through Time! Be inspired by artists as you: Develop fine motor skills and hand strength through painting, printing, cutting and scratching. Explore color, geometric shapes, and patterns. Experiment with paint mixing techniques. Understand that painting has been a part of all cultures throughout time.

Cooking "GUESS THE SMELL?": Offered to Grades K-2nd (class limit 20)

In this class each week Chef It Up 2 Go will bring 1 very strong scented fruit or veggie that will be kept hidden for the kids guess the smell then they will learn about the ingredient and then use it to make something yummy to enjoy in class or cook up at home!  Here's a sample... Lemons (for fresh squeezed lemonade & lemon vinaigrette to drizzle over our cucumber and tomato chopped salad); Peaches to make a little Peach Cobbler Parfait; Pineapples & cilantro then prepare a delicious Fresh Fruit Salsa! Bananas.... then we will make some mini banana bread to take home and cook up or Garlic for some delicious garlic knots too!  It will be so fun to hear their guesses and to see them enjoy learning about the fruits or veggies too! Please note if you plan on enrolling your child to fill out the Allergy information on the Registration forms. This program is a Nut Free Program and we can accommodate any food allergies your little one might have.




Payment: We are happy to offer online registration and payment this year, please go to https://dws.memberhub.store 
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