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Principal's Message

Principal's Message


Located at 2700 Palisade Avenue in Weehawken, NJ, Webster School services the pre-kindergarten to second grade students of the Weehawken Township School District in a safe, cheerful, and friendly atmosphere. Our full-day pre-kindergarten program fosters the academic, social and emotional development of our youngest students. In kindergarten, first grade and second grade, we build further upon the foundations set by the pre-K classes.

In grades K-2, we have adopted the reading program  called Journeys, published by Houghton Mifflin/Harcourt Brace. The series integrates the Common Core standards and combines a strong phonics-based program with interesting fiction and non-fiction in helping our youngest students learn to read and develop the literacy skills they’ll need as they move through the grades. RazPlus is the newest digital tool that is used by our students to build reading stamina and increase students’ reading levels. In addition, we have most recently implemented Writer’s workshop in all our K-2 classes. 

Teachers use interest and skill based centers to supplement and support instruction and expand the reading skills into the content areas. During “center time,” students can create art projects, work with computer software, read interesting stories, listen to stories or music and write in journals, to name just a few activities. This year, kindergarten centers will be expanded and become more center-based, and experiential learning will be emphasized.

We also use the Pearson Envisions Math Series  as a starting point for our math instruction. Teachers use workbooks as well as manipulatives and other techniques to help students master math skills in each grade. Our most popular digital platforms used to supplement our Math curriculum include: ST Math, Happy Numbers, and Reflex Math.

The Pre-K program uses a research-based, state-endorsed curriculum published by Teaching Strategies, Corp. called the Creative Curriculum. It is center-based and child-directed, allowing children to learn to make choices as they explore and study many different subjects. We’ve also adopted the assessment piece of the Creative Curriculum, which provides for progress reports and portfolios as ways to let parents better know what their child has been learning.

We’re understandably proud of our technology program. The digital vision of our school is to teach digital literacy and digital citizenship to prepare students to become 21st century citizens. We are a 1 to 1 district with broadband internet access.  All students in Kindergarten through Second grade  are provided with their own chromebook. Each PreK student is provided with an iPad. Teachers and students use a variety of grade-level, subject-specific software, digital tools, and google applications. These are tightly integrated into the curriculum, to help students reinforce existing skills, learn new ones, or just have some fun with words or numbers. All classrooms are equipped with interactive projectors and document cameras.

Each teacher has established a Google Classroom and web site for his or her class on the Internet, where parents can get information about classes and assignments, visit educational links, or email the teacher.   

Special subjects have equally strong and creative curricula, and creative expression is encouraged in such classes as music, art,  physical education, and foreign language (Spanish). Our health and library services are second to none, with a full-time nurse and media specialist on staff. And this year, I'm happy to announce that we have a full time School counselor who conducts SEL (social emotional learning)  classes for all PreK-2 students and she also provides private and group counseling sessions with students.   

Students also venture beyond the walls of the classroom in carefully planned assembly programs and field trips, many of which are reflective of seasonal activities and are planned with the help of an involved and supportive Parent Teachers Association (PTA).

Besides holidays, patriotic occasions, and other well-known celebrations, students and teachers also acknowledge and celebrate events like Family Math Night, the 100th day of school, Read Across America, School Pride Day, and our very popular Book Fair. Each grade level also prepares and presents a performance of some kind during the school year for the entire school community.

Don’t forget to check out our calendar to find out what we’re doing next! I’m always pleased to show visitors around our school – if you’d like to visit, give me a call at 201-422-6150 or email [email protected]