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¡Bienvenidos to the 2016-2017 school year!

Dear Families,
I am super excited to inform you that Daniel Webster school will be my home school this year!
I would first like to welcome you and your child to my Spanish classes! We are beginning an exciting journey together as your child learns more about other languages and cultures around the world. The Spanish program will be centered on a communicative approach that incorporates the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing that are used in everyday life. Pre-K and Kindergarten students will have Spanish class once a week for a thirty minute period. First and Second grade students will have Spanish class once a week for a 45 minute period. The material will be divided into units. Throughout the course of the year, each unit taught will be based on a specific age- appropriate topic and will provide ample opportunities for the children to explore the Hispanic language and culture. The topics that will be covered in this year’s curriculum include: greetings and introductions, numbers, colors, shapes, school days, feelings, countries and celebrations, home, family, body parts, food, weather, and animals.

Apreciadas Familias,

Estoy muy emocionada de informarles que este año estaré enseñando a tiempo completo en mi nueva casa, Daniel Webster!

Primeramente, quiero darle la bienvenida a su hijo/hija en mis clases de español.

Juntos estamos comenzando una jornada académica a medida que su hijo/hija aprende otro idioma y explora otras culturas. Nuestro programa de Español estará enfocado en los 4 niéveles de aprendizaje de idioma los cuales son: oral, auditivo, lectura y escritura. Los estudiantes recibirán clase de español una vez a la semana por treinta minutos. El material será dividió en Unidades temáticas. Mediante el transcurso del año, cada unidad será basada en un tema apropiado para la edad de los estudiantes y también  les proveerá oportunidades para que exploren la cultura Hispana y el idioma Español.  Algunos de los temas que se ensenaran este ano son: saludos, números, colores, formas, la escuela, los sentimientos, paises y celebraciones, la casa, la familia, las partes del cuerpo, la comida, el tiempo y los animales.


~Todos sonreímos en el mismo idioma~
~We all smile in the same language~

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Hola Familias!

Hello Familias!
What a fun beginning of the school year! It is been a pleasure getting to know my new Pre-K and Kindergarten students and welcome back First and Second graders! 
Pre-K and Kindergarten students began to practice routines that they should follow during Spanish class such as getting familiar with basic commands: "Vamos a la alfombra " (Let's go to the rug), Siéntense (Have a seat), and "Parense" (Stand up). I am very impressed with their performance skills as they are already singing songs completely in Spanish: Buenos días (Good morning, song), Los deditos (10 little fingers) and "Adiós" (Good bye song). 
First and Second grade students were super excited to show me how much Spanish they are able to recall from the previous school year. They started off this school year by creating a collage of all the concepts that they would like to learn in the upcoming months. They are learning a new song in which they get to practice greetings and daily routines in Spanish: "Buenos Días" (Good morning) by Rockalingua (Here is the website: https://rockalingua.com/videos/greetings-daily-routines)
I can't wait to meet you all during Back to School Night!
Hasta pronto!
Sra. Luna