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Welcome to my web page. My name is Mrs. Ingram and I teach Special Education in room 310 with Ms. Artiles. There are two main programs that are provided through Special Education at Daniel Webster. The Replacement Program offers pull-out academic support in the resource room for a combination of Reading, Language Arts, and Math according to what the IEP specifies. The second program is support in the general education classroom by either a teacher or an aide. Teachers modify the work and aides redirect students to do the work in the general education classrooms. Within the resource room setting, I evaluate my students and create rigorous lessons at the students' level of comprehension to ensure successful learning. Keeping close communication with the general education classroom teachers, I reflect my lesson plans with the reading story of the week, phonics, spelling words and vocabulary to parallel theirs so the children can participate in the classroom when they are there. Also, I try to instill good habits such as perseverance, "try and try again" and responsibility, "doing the right thing even when no one is looking". My overall goal is to create in each student the joy of learning and the love of reading.

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