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Mrs. Colon's PreK Class

Welcome Parents and Guardians,
This year is going to be full of exciting themes, studies, ideas and activities that your little one will enjoy! Learning is a process and for some it takes a different turn, but eventually the roads connect at some point.
Can't wait to see your child's progress over the next few months. Let's grow and learn together!

Few things to remember:
* Clean sheets & blankets must be returned EVERY Monday
* Clear folders must be emptied and returned DAILY
* Snacks must be sent DAILY (unless otherwise advised), please send 2 drinks daily (1 for snack, 1 for lunch if they have home lunch)

Recent Posts

October Scholastic Orders

If you are ordering books for your child for the month of October, please do so online at www.scholastic.com/readingclub. You can pay via debit or credit card online at your own convenience or send in a check addressed to SCHOLASTIC. I can not accept cash!
All October orders are due Friday, October 13th. 

Try at home what we do in class!

This week the class learned 3 different breathing techniques they can use to help them self-regulate and control their emotions when they are upset/angry/tired/sad or acting too silly. Ask your child about them. Usually what ends up happening is students learn certain techniques in the classroom and parents see them utilizing them at home as well. The 3 breaths are: conductor breath, samasa and power breath.